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For a night stay, weekend break or a longer stay, you will always get a warm friendly welcome from the Weston family.

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Our house is modern and spacious with a large enclosed garden, and a private wooden terrace area for our guests, and all your comforts to hand.

The Village of Rouffiac is set on the banks of the river Charente, and only five miles West of Cognac and Seven miles East of Saintes. Ideally situated in the vines of the cognac countryside, with its gentle climate it's the gateway to exploring this beautiful and charming region of France.

Take a short stroll down to the picturesque Charente river or a short drive to the sandy beaches of Royan. Discover the prehistoric ruins at the Paleosite just a few miles away.

The Charente Maritime boasts the second longest hours of annual sunshine after the Cote d'Azur. The " Belle " season now stretches from April to October with frequent warm days outside this months.

Our accommodation is of a high standard, the rooms are spacious, comfortable, light and modern. The rooms are either double or twin all with en suite facilities. The family room can sleep three, extra bed is available on request.


Getting here
Thanks to the twin benefits of low-cost airlines like Ryan Air and the advent of the Eurostar,
travelling anywhere in France from the UK is not difficult or too time-consuming. The French
domestic rail network SNCF is highly subsidised and reliable.

We have sketched out some pointers but do use the further information links below.

By ferry and car
Brittany Ferries operates a service from the Poole and Portsmouth in the UK to Caen, Le Havre, Cherbourg or St Malo which is a six hour drive by car to les Petit Sapins, Rouffiac. You can also take ferries to Calais, and Boulogne, then drive via Rouen and Poitiers to the Charente. There is space for at least 4 cars to park at the front of the house. Also Ferries from Ireland.


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Tarif Jour Tarif Semaine
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lit suppl.
p'tit déj
(2 pers.)
2 55 330
(3 pers.)
1 60 400

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