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The location of our guest house, less than 100 meters from the sea, you will go in the city center of Sables d'Olonne, on the wild side 80 meters from us, across the marshes of Olonne, in the forest that stretches 11 km south of La Chaume, Brétignolles up north to the wild beach of Sauveterre on foot or by bike.

The garden of 1300m2, The centerpiece of our house, is planted on a dune. During our project to open cottages when we discovered this garden, we immediately realized that we would also create a guest garden, realizing this project. Trees, some half a century, umbrella pine, fig, willow, palm, olive, fruit emphasize topography while massive grass, Flowering perennials, paths and terraces structure its spaces. The garden on the dune, which seduced us when discovered and that we had to develop heart, will bring its undulating configuration calm and well being and allow everyone to find a place both for friendly sharing for more intimate moments.

Our guesthouseGay friendly, has a reputation for easily meet people from all backgrounds, to be conducive to good humor, a real house of friends and holidays. Our desire to focus on our home so special relaxation driven by this place leads with regret not accommodate children in our guest rooms.

Obviously each guest room and shared the guest house are non-smoking areas. However our friends reassure smokers pots sand for ashtrays are available on each of the many terraces in our property.

Given the wild nature of our garden and fragile plants sand that characterize and to preserve this delicate balance that animals also much we love are not allowed.


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