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Maervoll, îles LOFOTEN, Iles LOFOTEN, N-8360

LOFOTEN islands, Norway: rorbu rooms accommodation. Rorbu room for rent from NOK 350 (2 persons) up to NOK 600 (6 persons). A beautiful quiet spot away from it all.

Description of Joh. L. Unstad Sjohus Bed & Breakfast:

Lofoten, Norway: a high hosting hosting

Maervoll Vestvagoy on the island in Lofoten, Norway: a lost valley at the end of the world, a very wild and beautiful scenery, very friendly accommodation. ACCOMMODATION SITUATION AND

rental Rorbuer Lofoten Rorbucamping in the spacious seahouse Joh. L. Unstad Sjøhus (Johluns), placed in this bizarre landscape: a cocktail of sea, fjords and mountains where night and day mix.

There are rooms with and without rorbu wc / shower
(2-6 beds per room) a total of 40 beds (NOK 250-600/chambre/nuit, 1-6 persons) for rent. For a room with four or more rorbu people can be hired for NOK 125 per day or less. This fisherman's house has a white kitchen, living room, showers and toilets. Electric heating.

Quai individual views of the fjord and towering mountains. An unforgettable panorama of mountain peaks which emerge from the ocean and are reflected in the clear waters of the fjord. Groups of young French women have such organized their holidays in this spacious house and also outside on the beach in the warmth of a campfire, playing and singing their songs.

The fisherman's house is indeed in the small square of SORTLAND, but to avoid confusion with the city of Sortland in Vesterålen, the former location of the position in the same fjord Maervoll shows the situation for the dwelling.

Also for rent for the summer holidays in the Far North: CHALET overlooking the sea and imposing mountains (4 people, 3 of NOK. 600/week). The chalet is Torastua an intimate, charming old house of 130 years with the roof made of grass and turf, suitable for 4 people. This little house is located 80 meters from the beach where the road ends, 600 meters from the house of fishermen. The cottage also has electric heating Torastua, small kitchen, living room, shower, toilet and 3 bedrooms (with spaces beds for 4 people).

Can be rented for NOK 75/person bedding (both houses). Please tell in advance if you want to rent bedding.

Maervoll (Maervoll) in Lofoten is located on a fjord between Tangstad, and Utakleiv Unstad (Unnstad) on the northwestern part of the town and the island Vestvågøy (Vestvagoy). Look at the map. Here - wedged in a beautiful fjord - is the seahouse. Of the extensive opportunities for trekking, walking and fishing. Nearly Maervoll can watch the Midnight Sun (late May to mid July).

Photo shore: at the end of the world - on the platform before the house of white fishermen and below the peaks of the sky - with views of the fjord Steinfjorden (Steinsfjorden) and high mountains (964 meters) Himmeltindene (Himmeltindan ) - it is some young French group. The group of French girls had rented the house for a few days. Around Maervoll - a wide variety of walks with magnificent views.


Saupstad (2 km from the fisherman's house) there is an ecological farm with its goats cheese. Here you can buy cheese, herbs, vegetables, berries, eggs, meat goats and other products.

Unstad (4 km from the fisherman's house) is a surfing spot renowned. In the Bay of Unstad - above the Arctic Circle - there for surfers excellent conditions for surfing the waves.

A Borg (10 km from Maervoll) we find the Viking Museum Lofotr. There may for example take part in rowing a Viking ship (a Gokstad longship) which is Borgpollen. A Borg can be found as the Church of Borge and a grocery store with the item (Spar). A

Bøstad (12 km from Maervoll) is the bank Sparebank Lofoten, shops and 2 km of Bøstad - to Sletteng (Stromgarde) there is a gas station (Shell). A Stromgarde can be refueled and pay with a credit card (no cash, only cards).

Directions to Joh. L. Unstad Sjohus


Travel in Norway: Oslo-Bodø by air-Leknes in Lofoten (19 km from Maervoll) or Oslo-Evenes. By the Coastal Express (Hurtigruten) Bergen-Stamsund (35 km from Maervoll). By Train Oslo-Bodø or Narvik, Sweden, then join the Lofoten Islands by air, sea or road. The north and Sweden Kiruna, the new connection Lofast allow you to visit the Lofoten without Ferrie.

For the last stretch of road, take the E-10-Leknes Liland of 11 km, 2 km before Borg. Then along Liland Steinfjordveien Unstadveien and almost 5 km, then take a tunnel of 400 meters.

Right out of the tunnel, you can see the seahouse Joh. L. Unstad Sjohus in the fjord (the last picture with the arrow). After the tunnel there is 3 km to the seahouse.

The bus stops near the house of fishermen Maervoll. Visit www. Veolia Transport-. No. (Borg-road-Unstad Eggum).

Taxi: Taxi Borg (tel. 0047 76084599).

Rent a car old or new: the new cars can be hired to Leknes and Stamsund (Hertz, Europcar and Avis). A Borg Borgtun Kro (near Taxi Borg, on the other side of the museum Lofotr Viking) you can rent a car used (such as rent-a-wreck) at half price. If all the cars used in Borgtun Bruktbilutleie are busy, ask to Joh. L. Unstad Sjøhus for other rental cars used on the island Vestvågøy and other places in Lofoten.

By boat to the Lofoten Islands: Bodo-Stamsund by the Coastal Express and connections Ferrie Bodö-Moskenes, Skarberget-Bogner, Bogner Lødingen-and-Skutvik Svolvær: look at www. Hurtigruten. en. Lofoten-Vesterålen islands by ferries between Melbu-Fiskebøl: visit www. Helgelandske. no / rutetider.

By air-Bodø Leknes in Lofoten (19 km from Maervoll): visit www. Wideroe. and no-look Bodoe Leknes. Oslo by plane-event (Harstad / Narvik lufthavn, event): visit www. sas. and find no Harstad-Narvik or visit www. norwegian. no to Harstad / Narvik (EVE).

Connections by train: the closest connections are towns Bodø and Narvik (connection to Kiruna in Sweden). Look at www. nsb. no.

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Handicapped Access
Dinner served
Animals accepted
Credit cards accepted

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