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Margeride is the true Eden Granite :) with an absolute blue sky and warm sun shining that welcomes you with its green luxury carpets and spring outlandish colors
Margeride is unforgettable :)

Soon the New Natural Park of Haut Allier - Margeride will open up to you in early 2013 :) We are looking forward near the Auvergne characterized New World!
Natural is Margeride!

Margerideluux welcome you and wish you a very good Guten Tag, Good Morning, Hej, Ola, Buongiorno, Bonjoor, .... during your morning awakening Margeride.

Margerideluux accommodation in a guest house with granite-brutal accompanied by a former Four of the Manufacture Royale de Margeride overlooking an exceptional superpanoramaa, with a chic design and soft comfort of a divine environmental design, connected current technologies .... This is the invitation to travel by Excellence to share with friends and girlfriends between Northern Europe and Southern Europe!

Margerideluux announces its European customers opening presents its luxury guest rooms, innovative design concept Margeride: designluux - a concept store design label Margerideluux + granitluux - a relaxing sauna and spa relaxation + sportluux space - a room innovative sports.

Margerideluux you currently preparing new design bed and breakfast for your comfort in Margeride.

No price increase and all-inclusive services: 88 EUROS per person only!

So book in advance :)

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° by phone only on Tuesdays, every tuesday, jeden dienstag from 10h to 16h

Scent straw morning, mist scattered, Ecobuages ​​fragrant, intoxicating Hyacinths, Crocus stimulants, ferns and gorse exciting odorisées
Spring is the olfactory Margeride!

Latest flaked snow cooling gels morning, First pink flares, rain and streams fine captive painkillers Persant Sun, Heat sensation printaniere early on the horizon,
Margeride is arousing!

Candlemas celebrations and carnivals in festivals, enchanting villages and towns festive margeridiennes Place so the summer pastures, transhumance Arts, Crafts that active work and bright road contest in belotte Ace! Trooped balls and crowds gathered.
Is synergistic Margeride!

Wonderful sweet and invigorating morning milk with incorporated Small crisp breads and Grasse morning energizing, violinnés bluish lips with blueberries bread and butters Barrate, Pies Pear chewable and prunes cooked-coffee,
Papillante gastronomy is Margeride!

Hiking and motorcycle quads significant, Snowshoeing, snow skiing and alternative snowboards, hiking and chivalrous Tours, Heritage Arts and statues of the picturesque Beast .... Children that move to the fun and elderly people who talk on the benches
Plenty hobby Margeride!

Wooden shudders and Red assets embers, Heat of home sweet home and Cocoonning Margeride, tea wild thyme honey and milk chocolates with jagged Ebook adventure books and intellectual nature, traditional incorporants mattresses and pillows, relaxing nap and speeches to confess
Margeride is comfortable!

Park being, Hunting snow running, street shops swarming and balances floating in the program, First projects and teams vadrouillent spring, primroses First smoked and exposed gardens
Innovative is Margeride.


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