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Eléonore Directrice Commerciale
Hôtel & Spa Le Manoir Des Jardiniers Gourmands


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Le Manoir des Gourmands Gardeners actively involved in a sustainable development plan, including a self-sufficiency dinner and enjoys more, an attractive location.

The policy implemented within the Gourmands Gardeners Manor development project is primarily focused on a memorable service to the customer, by playing his sensitivity to the experienceThat is to say, stressing the importance of surrounding each client as if he was a friend.

The range of services offered is to thread the rule of intimacy and friendship.

table custom gourmet guests, vault

a wellness area with spa, massage and various treatments

opportunity to consult a naturopath on site

range of "extras" Manor gardeners Gourmands, Personalized services ...

The garden is meanwhile highlighted the aim of creating an area of lush relaxation rich in emotions.

Not to mention that the Manoir des Gourmands Gardeners has a Spa Suite.

All rooms have an unusual ceiling, a beautiful area and exceptional materials. Finally, each room is assigned a mood and a theme.

Description for Gite

Built in spruce with a thickness of 44 mm, this small nest takes you to the heart of the mountain pastures. His motto is found in William Blake: "To see a world in a grain of sand and a heaven in a wild flower, hold infinity in the palm of your hand and eternity in an hour."

purple and red tones and candlelight the color of a cozy atmosphere... Ideal for a couple!

A toilet space allows for ablution as before. The pitcher, the basin (specially created by a potter for Cherry clafoutis) and organic soap accompanied fluffy towels hued cottage.

The cottage is equipped with dry toilets. The interior design recreates a Savoyard atmosphere: cream curtains and satin brocade, Blankets, cushions, lampshades, little hearts.

The chalet is equipped with double-glazing (door and window), electric lamps and a small stove heating imitation. A bathroom is available in the Manor order to take a shower in peace. Having an external access, it is available at all hours.

The small terrace awaits for intimate breakfasts.


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To come to the Manor Gardeners Gourmands, go to the interactive map online using the link below:

N151.12061,6.11309,3.53584,48.80443 / Z10 /



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