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A delightful guest house located in the heart of the medina of El Jadida, La maison des Úpices is recognized as a historical heritage nestled in the heart of the souks of the former residential area of the city of Mazagan. It is recognized as a historicity, an authenticity and an architectural structure of the most stupefying. Whether for a solo, romantic or friends stay, Do not hesitate to make it your stopover in the coastal city.

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Riad authentic with the traditional character, the House of Spices is a jewel whose construction goes back to the beginning of the 20th century, more exactly to 1910. The History of the place testifies that formerly this guest house was the place of residence of the Ca´d Ben Driss, one of the great authority icons formerly in the city of El Jadida, and in the Doukkala region in general. Although recently restored, the house has retained its traditional style without giving in to the temptation of distortion caused by some renovations sometimes. Here authenticity has not failed to keep its borrowed in every nook of the house, making of it a dusted residence of the antiquity while respecting the Moorish airs that define it.
The structure of la maison des Úpices is essentially Moorish. It is centered around the legendary central patio, air and light wells, from which other rooms, common rooms, numerous salons, outdoor patio with fountain are available. At the top, terraces with a 360 ░ view of the medina of El Jadida The accommodation that it offers is illustrated through 6 rooms, As beautiful as each other, and all decorated with a hushed and distinguished personalization. They are all equipped with the best facilities to ensure a guaranteed comfort to the guests. The spice house is located at the beginning of the medina, close to the municipal theater, the souks, the Portuguese city and the beach. Everything is within a 5-minute walk. La maison des Úpices offers its residents a taste of Karima's cuisine, made only from fresh market produce of the day (lunch and dinner by reservation). During the check in, a mint tea will be offered to you to take the time to get to know and be able to answer your possible questions.


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In the beginning of the medina near the pharmacy Bouchtia, the municipal theater.



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