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Built in 1761 by Jean Forgues, this bearnese castle welcomes its guests in 5 rooms for 2 to 5 people, a standalone house for 6 people, following permacultural principles towards a "simple life in the castle". An amazing landscape, a 24000m² garden, a swimming pool, the domain aims for self-sufficiency in fruits and vegetables. Small barnyard animals liven the garden.


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From Pau, follow N134 towards Gan/Saragosse. Cross Jurançon and follow Gan direction. At first traffic lights, turn right, then at top of the hill, again at right and again at right in Avenue des Pyrénées (deadend road sign). Follow this street on 200m, turn left and at bottom of the slope you will find Castel Forgues yellow buildings. Please park at first entrance.



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Notes: Chambre des Tilleuls and chambre des Platanes, with one bathroom for both.
Notes: Chambre Fleurs de Lys and chambre du Figuier: a private bathroom in each room.
Notes: Palmtree suite: 2 to 5 people
Notes: On 2 floors: 4 rooms, bathroom, kitchen, private terrace.


Swimming Pool

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