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Corry Fontein
6 Rue Marceau


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Maison Fontaines is the typical sort of home you will find in mediaeval mountain villages like Bargemon. Build in the 17th century the thick walls provide perfect isolation like the preserved authentic elements and tasteful decoration secure nostalgia and romance. The sweet smell of Provencal country life and unmistakable village noises create a balance between liveliness and peacefulness. Living among the French and tasting traditional French country life. In this walled, ancient village with village square and plan-trees there are things to be seen and experienced all day long. Discover the charm of Bargemon and the warmth of Maison Fontaines.
When hospitality and cosiness are what you are looking for; Maison Fontaines is the place to be. Your stay is like a warm bath; a truly memorable experience!
The guestrooms
The two guestrooms of Maison Fontaines are situated within the house where also the owners reside. One guestroom is on the second floor and features an en suite bathroom with a shower/bath, bidet and lavatory. The other room is on the third floor and guests make use of the same bathroom on the second floor. In order to provide maximum privacy, it is only possible to rent the second room when you are befriended with- or related to the guests in the first room. Both rooms have a comfortable double bed and a cosy seating area. Wi-Fi and linen are provided.

Breakfast & Table d’Hotes
You are most welcome to enjoy breakfast in our homely dining-kitchen. Another idea is walking to the local bakery where breakfast is served inside or outside. A typical French happening itself!
At request, we will be delighted to provide a three-course dinner including a wine arrangement in our homely dining/kitchen area on the first floor. Special menu wishes will be taken into consideration. Weather permitting, pre-dinner drinks and nibbles will be served on the roof terrace with stunning views over the old Bargemon rooftops. From this terrace, you can look away some 50 kilometres over the village of Claviers which provides a picturesque picture just before sunset.

Transfer service
If you wish we can arrange your transport from the airport or train station. From Nice Airport, Marseille or Toulon to Bargemon and return. Or from the train station in Draguignan/Les Arcs to Bargemon and back.


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