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La Maison de Ville is a dog friendly bed and breakfast situated in the heart of Josselin,  an attractive Petite Cité de Caractèré and floral town in the Morbihan Region of Brittany, France.

A warm welcome awaits with generous self contained accommodation only a minutes walk from the cultural sights, Nante/Brest Canal, cafes and restaurants. Minutes from the cultural sights, cafes, bars and restaurants, the accommodation has a fully equipped kitchenette and en-suite shower.

Whether driving, biking, cycling or hiking, La Maison de Ville is an ideal base from which to explore the area after you have taken in all that Josselin has to offer.

Situated opposite The Château de Josselin, the tower of which can been admired from the guest room window, La Maison de Ville bed and breakfast is owned and run by Jayne who is English and has traced her family ancestry back to Brittany in the 1800s via the Channel Islands, mainly Alderney, which Jayne has been visiting for over 30 years. With many happy childhood memories Jayne is now delighted to be living and working in Brittany and enjoying embracing the language and the culture.

Josselin  has a charm all of its own, with all the winning ingredients of a rich history, medieval half-timbered houses, the Nantes/Brest Canal, Gothic Basilica Notre Dame du Roncier , dolls museum and of course the Château de Josselin, all within easy reach of La Maison de Ville with cosy accommodation and genuine hospitality. Please note the accommodation is on the 2nd floor. Ample parking within easy walking distance.


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Review by: Isabelle, Sep 30 2019 11:41AM
The cottage is beautiful, ideally located, very convenient

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Notes: The room can be double, twin, triple or family, with welcome snacks and extended continental breakfast. Fully equiped kitchenette and ensuite shower room.


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