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Anne and Christophe are happy to welcome you to their Bed and Breakfast in the Dalbade area,
situated in the historical heart of Toulouse.
This distinctive town house will be the perfect setting for a peaceful and authentic stay in the city.
From the roof terrace, you’ll be able to admire the panoramic view
from the Pyrenees to the Garonne flowing towards the Atlantic ocean.

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The building of the "Roof of the Dalbade" was actually the Hotel de Bastard. The area of "The Dalbade" is inhabited until the mid-fifteenth century by craftsmen. Following a fire in 1441 which destroyed most of the houses in the neighborhood, they are rich MPs who settle there.

Thus, St. Peter's family owns the parcel of property at the fifteenth and sixteenth century. Then in 1694 she moved to Jean de Bastard, capitoul and lawyer. His descendants are rebuilding the facade of the hotel in the second half of the eighteenth century. They will keep the hotel until the Revolution.

More recently, in 1923, the building becomes the property of the Railway Company du Midi (now the SNCF in 1948). The Hotel de Bastard is at the center of an old urban fabric and bears the traces of successive rearrangements made from the eighteenth century, The foundations are much older, including the seventeenth century. So this is a building steeped in history, in a very rich architectural standpoint.


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