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The Lisbeth 1902 barge turns 118 this year. And yes, it was in 1901 that it was built in Holland. Launched a year later in 1902, it was originally a sailing barge. Over the years, it was motorized with a steam engine, then diesel. the 3 owners before me have taken great care, which is why today she is in great shape. Renovated into a pleasure boat, it has kept all its charm and the peak (matelos berths) has remained in its original design. As well as the captain's cabin at the stern which has great charm. 20 m long, 4.80 wide and 50 tonnes loaded. The hull is iron (not steel) all the rest is wood. No plastic.
I owe it to me to continue the maintenance and improvement. This represents a fairly large budget that's why I offer guest rooms, I prefer the word guest cabin rather than guest rooms. So you can contact me to book a cabin and also why not a sailing trip. You will definitely feel good.


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