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Piekel Slors
Tongerseweg 56a


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price from €80


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Apartment 1( 2-4 pers.) is on the first floor. A spacious apartment with sliding doors so there can be made two rooms. There is a balcony on South. There is a kingsize bed (2x2 m), a table with four chairs and a sofa. The sofa can be mad into a double bed. Private bathroom with deep bath and separate shower. The toilet is on the corridor but private.
Apartment 2, 2-4 pers. on the second floor. A large room with a double bed, table with four chairs and a sofa. The sofa can be made into a double bed. Kitchenette with all cooking possibilities. Private bathroom with deep soaking tub, separate shower and toilet


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You take the A2 from Liège. When you enter Maastricht you follow direction Tongeren. You cross the river Maas. When you arrive at a roudabout, you take 3/4 to your left, direction Tongeren. Here you move directly to the second road, wher you find the house on number 56.
From Aachen: You enter Maastricht, foolow direction Hasselt/Tongeren. YOu cross the river Maas and follow Hasselt/Tongeren. Then you enter the city and move up a little hill. At the round about you leave direction Hasselt, but take only Tongeren. At the next roundabout you go 1/4 to the right, direction Tongeren, and moeve right away to the second road. Here you find the house on number 56.



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