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Laure Wojnar


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Built entirely of stone t is located on the West Coast, in the rural part of the island perched in the middle of a hill slope,
300 meters from the sea, on a plot of over one hectare.
No road passes either in front of it or behind it. The site is thus very peaceful. From the terraces one can see the house of Tanasis, our neighbor, a few more houses, the sea and the small fishing port of Drymonas with its unique tavern.
We are "off the beaten track" and our guests usually rent a bike, a scooter or a small
We propose a decreasing rate according the duration of your stay. The minimum stay is two days.

Two days : 90€/day for two persons, 70€/day for one.
From 3 to 6 days : 75€/day for two persons, 60€/day for one
From 7 to 14 days : 65€/day for two persons, 50€/day for one
Over 14 days : 60€/day for two persons, 45€/day for one
Additionnel bed : free of charge for kids less than 5 years, 15€/day over 5.

A good home made breakfast is included.

Description for Gite

We have three rooms, the Green, the Red and the Blue, each of which features a terrace and a view of the sea...
The furniture consists mostly of authentic Chinese antiques, the colors of which are harmoniously combined with the whitewashed walls determining the color and name of each room.
The rooms are adjacent to our house while being totally independent.

Each room is about 30 sq.m. divided into two levels separated by a
few steps. On the first level there is a large bed and on the lower level a sitting area with built-in benches. Each bedroom features a small bathroom with shower and toilet.
We are open from April to late October.


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How to reach Leros

Via Athens
By plane: Olympic Air:
Flight duration: 45 minutes. One or two flights per day. The afternoon flight arrives at Leros
on the same day. The return flight is in the morning and allows connections with all European capitals. It is necessary to book well in advance due to the low capacity
of the aircraft, 45 seats…

By boat: Blue Star Ferries:
Crossing time: 9 hours. Three ferries per week.
The ferry leaves the port of Piraeus for Rhodes usually at 19.00. On its return voyage, the ferry reaches Leros at about 22:00, leaves the island at about 22:45 and arrives at Piraeus the following day at about 08:00.

Via Rhodes
By plane: Olympic Air:
Flight duration: 45 minutes with a stop-over in Kos. Two to three flights per week.
By boat: Blue Star Ferries:
Crossing time 5 hours. Two ferries per week
By catamaran: Dodekanisos Seaway:
Crossing time: 4 hours. One catamaran per day.



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