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Madi Michel
10 Rue du Porche
Rochefort en Terre


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price from €140


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Rochefort en Terre, a village outside time, frozen for nearly six centuries, a college founded in 1498 by Jean Rochefort sire Rieux, cobbled streets, timbered houses, houses of granite and La Tour du Lion ..

Welcome to this house from the mid-16th century, its first owner was probably a steward, an administrator or the nobility (lawyer, clerk, seneschal)

Now, in 2009, feel the atmosphere of 500 years ago, 5 bedrooms, 5 times, 5 times a patio and a garden giving you a breathtaking view of the sandstone and slate in the hamlet against low-.

I expect you to share with you a while Timeless.

Napoleon House - a bed, toilet, bathtub:
Arcola, The Rite, the Pyramids, Austerlitz, Napoleon the room is fully decorated in the mood "Empire", woodwork, gilding, curtains, for lovers the old guard and eagles of the Emperor. Room price 130 EURO

Marie Antoinette room One queen bed and toilet, shower
A stone wall, beams on the ceiling, you like pink, romantic moods "toiles de Jouy," then go to sleep in the bed of the Queen. The bathroom is a small jewel of beauty.

Room francois first
a double bed, toilet, shower
scalloped headboard, hanging yellow parchment signed by the King, parquet centennial toilet in the tower and the famous bathroom doors! François 1st, the French king, who died in 1547 went to Rochefort and slept on the ground, it is, no doubt, passed under the windows of your room, sweet dreams ..

Moulin Rouge room 2 beds of an individual toilet in the bathroom, bathtub
drawings, tables, colors, all the magic of Paris in this charming little room, a large bathroom with a view over the terrace and the garden, take your bath looking at the flowers bloom ..
Anne of Brittany
a double bed, toilet, shower.
How not to think about the Duchess of Brittany, the only one who was twice queen of France, Charles VIII and XII Louix, discover this room that will take you back in time, four-poster bed, fireplace, Aubusson tapestry and leg .. ermine


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Near Vannes , 100 km of Nantes and Rennes , and near the Golf du Morbihan



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