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Margareta Avermaete
Route des Crozes


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A house especially built as a bed and breakfast accommodation.A separate entrance for the guests and the high comfort of floor heatingsystem makes it possible to have guests all the year trough. "Le Cadran Solaire" has obtained the ecological label Green Key for its design and total management of the site. In springtime, as soon as possible breakfasts are being served on the terrace with a wide open view on the Cabrières valley and its vineyards and typicaly Mediterranean vegetation "la garrigue".

Description for Gite

The lodging being abble to accomodate up to 6 people, is localized in the house sheltering the "café" of the village formerly.It was constructed in the begin of the 20th century at the time of the layout of the new road to join Clermont l'Hérault.It has the charm of the old houses. The roomy parts, the windows giving on the surrounding countryside, the thick walls protecting from the estival heath, the chimney prodignt a haelthy heating in the winter makes the cahrm of this lodging of a surface of 90 m², situated in the center of the village. Behind the house: Behind the house: the river, vineyards, scrubland.


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At Cabrières, in the center of the village (vis-à-vis the town hall/mairie), take the direction les Crozes;then follow descriptive Le Cadran Solaire;Le Cadran Solaire is located at the end of private road after the panel om the level of the cemetery.Latitude 43°34'41"N Longitude 3°21'46"E



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