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Asger Pedersen-Reng
Krogen 3, Karlstrup
Karlslunde, Copenhagen South



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price from €55


Description for B&B:

Come and stay in our traditional, thatched cottage with fire place and central heating. A quiet and nice accommodation near Copenhagen, Roskilde and Køge. Wake up to the smell of freshly made bread & Coffee. Enjoy the quiet luxury of our B&B-House with two big double rooms. 3 kms to Karlstrup Beach.
The lady in The B&B-House says: "...My husband and I have always travelled a lot - together and separately - all over the world. Curiosity and open minds combined with our language capabilities have given us a lot of good friends in many countries.
Though we love to travel abroad, we also take the time to visit friends in our beautiful Denmark - and we have always welcomed guests in our home in Karlstrup Village..."


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Directions by car:

Get off the motor road at exit 30 (by the big McDonald's and Q8 sign.)

Drive past McDonald's and the Q8 petrol station. Turn right at the traffic lights and then take the first road on the left. You will now see the Karlstrup Lake to the left and the golf course to the right. When you reach Karlstrup village, turn to the right. Take the second road on the left and you are at the B&B-House, a yellow house with thatched roof in Krogen 3. (See the sign "B&B-HUSET" on the wall of the house.

About parking:

Please park at the small parking lot you can see to the left between the B&B-House and the Annex or please park temporarily along the B&B-House on the small pebble road. Try to park as close as you can to the house wall, then our neighbours can easily pass by with their cars.

Directions by train from CPH-Airport:

First thing first: Buy a grey HT-card: This card is due for 10 trips (390 DKK). Click once - and only once – per person in the machine with your card. Now you can go 2 hours by normal train, electric train and buses in all the HT-region = Copenhagen and the east part of Zealand (from Helsinore to Köge and Roskilde). You can go all the way from CPH-Airport to our station: Solröd Strand, for 39 DKK.

Then: Just take a train from CPH-Airport to the CPH-Central Station. Get out of the train there and go to track 11-12. Take from there the electric train direction "Köge" and get out at "Solröd Strand" app. 28 minutes later. When you arrive at "Solröd Strand", please call us and after 5 minutes we will be there to pick you up. Our phone number is (+45) 56141924.

Our address is:
The B&B-House, Krogen 3, Karlstrup DK-2690 Karlslunde

P.S. If you do not use all the trips on the grey card during your stay, we will buy the rest from you.



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