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Chambres d' Hotes and Gites at the Domaine de Marsan MARSAN - GITES - CHAMBRES D'HOTES - SWIMMING POOL * GAMES - PRICES - RESERVATIONS - WHAT TO DO You arewelcomeall theyear round Gites and Chambres d'Hotes at the Domaine de MarsanGentiane and Stephane Degrave are happy to welcome you to their website in which you will find information about the gites and chambers d'hotes accommodation which is available in their 17th. century home,Their house, which has been in their family for many generations, has many rare architectural features and is located in an area of unspoiled countryside in Gascony.In this land of D'Artagnan on the edge of the Gers and Les Landes departments you can come and enjoy a holiday that can be as relaxing or as active as you wish. YOU ARE WELCOME ALL THE YEAR ROUND MARSAN - GITES - CHAMBRES D'HOTES - SWIMMING POOL * GAMES - PRICES - RESERVATIONS - WHAT TO DO

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Chambres d' Hotes and Gites at the Domaine de Marsan MARSAN - GITES - CHAMBRES D'HOTES - SWIMMING POOL * GAMES - PRICES - RESERVATIONS - WHAT TO DO You arewelcomeall theyear round THE GITES The gites have been created by transforming the old stables and a winemaking barn. Many of the old features of the buildings, such as the half-timbered walls, interior beams and stonework, have been retained in these gites which offer every modern comfort.The gites are fully equipped with everything necessary for a quiet and restful holiday.On the ground floor the each of the two gites have have a modern fully equipped kitchen, a living room with a fireplace, a closet and a toilet.Upstairs there are bedrooms, a bathroom with bath, shower and toilet and a mezzanine overlooking the living room.Outside, on the south side of the building there is an eating area with a barbecue. On the opposite side there is a garage for your car.La Grive:- suitable for 4 to 6 persons. Two bedrooms (100sq.ft. and 150sq.ft.) total floor space of 1000sq.ft.La Palombe:- ideal for 6 to 8 persons ,Three bedrooms ( 90 sq.ft., 100sq.ft. and 190sq.ft.) total floor space of1370sq.ft.Equipment provided in each giteWashing machine, tumble dryer, dish washer, fridge and freezer, microwave, cafetiere, toaster, food mixer, cooker, crockery, kitchen utensils, bedding, household linen , TV/video with satellite channels, ironing board, iron and vacuum cleaner.ServicesOur prices include all electricity, gas, heating and water charges. The gites are well insulated and heated by an oil boiler. Wood is available free of charge for the fires.Each bed has a bedspread, blankets, pillows, sheets and a mattress cover.We can provide a cleaning service for a charge.If you need a cot or high chair for a baby we will provide them at no extra cost.A range of tourist information is available and we will be happy to give you any advice you need.If you are horse trekking we can provide for a small charge food, a horsebox and grazing.The swimming pool and other games are available for everybody staying with us.Internet access is available for checking mail (for those who must!). MARSAN - GITES - CHAMBRES D'HOTES - SWIMMING POOL * GAMES - PRICES - RESERVATIONS - WHAT TO DO


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THE WAY TO PARLEBOSCQLes coordonnées GPS de Marsan's castel sont LAt/Long: N43 55.300 E0 02.057 (WGS 84)Driving in FranceIf you have never driven in France the following information may be useful. The French drive on the wrong side of the road, strange but true, and it will a good idea to follow suit, joking apart the biggest risks of driving on the wrong side are starting off again after a stop or when turning right. To a French driver the normal UK distance between two cars is a wide-open space in they can slip into after they have overtaken you. This of course explains why the French drive very close to you so try to avoid harsh braking otherwise you may find them on the back seat. The flashing of headlights differs from the UK, where it usually means "after you" in France it means "I am here and you must get out of my way" it is also used to warn fellow motorists of gendarmes or police ahead. The flics, as they are known, often run mass paper checks and to keep them happy you must carry your driving licence and all the car documents including the logbook. If you don’t then you will get an on the spot fine which as a non - resident you have to pay there and then. Not speaking French or pretending you don’t understand won't work as they have multilingual fine forms and will take you to a cash machine to get the money out! If you are nicked and pay up and ask for a receipt " Un recu s'il vous plait" otherwise you may get another fine form through the post after your trip!On the spot fines (£80-£150) are issued for most offences including speeding, you may not believe it but there are speed limits on the roads in France in towns it is 50 kilometres per hour (30mph), out of town on ordinary roads 90kph (56mph) dual carriageways 110kph (70mph) but only when the road signs indicate this and 130kph (81mph) on autoroutes (motorways). The last two limits are reduced by 20 kph in the event of rain. The flics are very keen on nicking motorists at stop signs of which they are plenty one centimetre onto the white line without stopping and you are done, similarly for overtaking and crossing a continuous white line. When overtaking use the indicators and give a lot of room when overtaking a cyclist, ideally 2 metres, as they have a nasty habit of wandering all over the road and secondly cyclists are a protected species in France. About fifteen years ago the French imported roundabouts from the UK. Either they did not ask for the user instructions or fouled up the translation because the result is a complete lack of lane discipline and an absence of signals so beware!!!!Traffic jams often occur on autoroutes in summer usually at the toll booths (peages) but also can happen in the middle of no where. Unless you arrive in the very early stages of the jam you will find advance warning in the shape of a large van on the side of the autoroute with a sign which says "BOUCHON" slow down and keep your wits about you. You have to pay for using most autoroutes in France but they are not expensive and safer than the ordinary routes. There are two systems you either pay a set price for a fairly short distance or you take a ticket and then pay at virtually the end of your trip on the autoroute. The first system operates between Le Havre and Caen and the latter between Nantes and Bordeaux, assuming you follow the directions in this note. When you arrive at a toll or peage to pay head for the lane that has got a person taking the money, this is usually denoted by a sign in the shape of a man together with a green arrow. If you don’t, the fun which will follow could well get you on TV on the French equivalent of Candid Camera. There are plenty of service stations on the autoroutes as well as rest areas which are called Aire de Repos and are glorious lay bys . Stick to the service stations especially at night as highwaymen have been known to operate in some of the more remote lay bys. They not only pinch your money but also your car and your clothes. The first two are bad enough but the latter is a disaster for three reasons; firstly its cold, secondly there are lots of mosquitoes and thirdly you look and feel a right twit stood there in the nude! You won't find many speed limit signs at the entrance to a village or town because the French have combined the town sign and speed limit sign. When the town name is on a sign edged in red it means that the 50kph speed limit applies unless there is another speed indicated, the speed limit ends when the town sign has a red line through it. In some towns and on some quiet rural routes you may meet a thing called prioritie a droite this means right of way for traffic joining from the right. It's quite amusing but keep your eyes open in town and on small country lanes don't assume! Have a nice trip!Routes to ParleboscqGeneral:- Buy a map France is an enormous country ! . If you are bringing your own car get breakdown insurance and a green card from your insurance company and our telephone number in France for help in re orientating yourselves when you find you are crossing the border into Switzerland or Patagonia. Our number is 05 58 44 35 04 Calais to Parleboscq(1) This is the longest journey possible ! However leave Calais on the A16 autoroute signposted to Boulogne and Abbeville. At Abbeville pick up the A28(autoroute) for Rouen DO NOT GO TO ROUEN but take the A29 (autoroute) towards Le Havre . DO NOT GO TO LE HARVE (2)Follow the signs for "PONT de NORMANDIE" go over the bridge and follow the autoroute (motorway) to CAEN. (3)At Caen follow the signs for RENNES, this should take you around the south side of Caen and then onto the A84 autoroute. This autoroute will take you, with a few stretches of ordinary road to the outskirts of RENNES.(4) At Rennes follow the signs for NANTES on the N137 road. Just outside Nantes you will see signs for BORDEAUX . Following the signs go round the ring road (rocade) which has a very impressive bridge over the Loire river. Shortly after you have gone over the bridge you will see a sign for BORDEAUX via the A83 autoroute. Take the autoroute and follow it . Eventually the A83 will join the A10 , keep going south on the A10 and sooner or later you will reach the toll booth just north of Bordeaux ,the toll is about 24 Euros. After you have gone through the tolls keep on the motorway until you see signs for TOULOUSE , take the turning for TOULOUSE and go round the Bordeaux ring road on the east of the city ( it’s a dual carriage way of motorway standard). After going over a long low flat bridge keep looking for the turning to Toulouse. Take the Toulouse turning and join the A62 autoroute. (5)Go along the A62 until you come to junction 5. This is sign posted to Casteljaloux, Mont de Marsan and Bergerac. After the toll booth take the road to Casteljaloux and Mont de Marsan (this road goes back over the motoway) (6)Go through Casteljaloux following the Mont de Marsan signs, after 9 miles (14 kilometres) you will come to Houeilles. Go straight through Houeilles and in 10 miles(16 kilometres) you will see a sign to the left marked for Barbotan, Gabarret and Eauze. Take this turning until you reach a T junction at which you have to give way. Turn left and head into Gabarret where you take a right fork towards Eauze and Barbotan. Go straight down this road towards Eauze for 3 miles (5 kilometres). You will then arrive in Parleboscq having navigated the easiest part of the journey !!!!. As you arrive in Parleboscq there is a cross roads, go straight ahead , you will pass a boulangerie (bread shop) on your right and a restaurant on your left and then the village hall (salles des jeunes) on your right. You then will find a small cross road and see the turning to the left marked with white posts with red tops and a very small sign, quite low down marked LA MAIRIE. Take this road by turning left and follow your nose, eventually you will go round a right hand bend and descend a steep hill in front of a dam which keeps the water in a lake! You will then climb up a hill through a wood keep on going until you reach the second house on the left. You will have arrived!!!! Le Havre to Parleboscq Come out of the ferry terminal go straight over the roundabout and turn right an the next junction, sign posted Paris??? Follow this road out of Le Harve until you see signs for CAEN and the PONT de NORMANDIE follow these signs go over the bridge and to CAEN then follow the directions above for "Calais to Parleboscq".from para 3Ouistreham to ParleboscqCome out of Ouistreham on the road to Caen and then follow the signs onto the A84 auto route to Rennes. Follow the directions above for "Calais to Parlboscq" from para 3Cherbourg to ParleboscqLeave Cherbourg on the N13 heading towards Paris after about 30 miles you will find a turning to St. Lo (or perhaps Saint Lo) Go to St. Lo and take the road to VILLEDIEU LES POELLES just outside V. L. P. you will find signs for the A84 autoroute join the A84 and head towards Rennes follow the directions as per "Calais to Parleboscq" from para 4St. Malo to ParleboscqLeave St Malo on the road to Rennes and when you reach Rennes follow the signs to Nantes . Follow the instructions for "Calais to Parleboscq" from para 4Bordeaux Airport to ParleboscqLeave the airport and drive towards the centre of Bordeaux. You will soon reach the ring road (rocade) . Take the ring road by following the signs for TOULOUSE and Paris . This should take you anti- clockwise along the ring road. Keep on going until you find the TOULOUSE ( blue motorway sign) sign and A62 motorway sign . Join the A62 and follow the Calais to Parleboscq instructions from para 5Bergerac Airport to ParleboscqCome out of the airport and head towards the centre of the town and turn left at a roundabout onto the D936 probably signposted to Ste Foy la grande. After 2 kilometres (11/4 miles) you will come to a roundabout, turn left onto the D933 heading towards Eymet, Miramont de Guyenne, Seyches and Marmande. At Marmande continue on the D933 towards Casteljaloux and Mont de Marsan.On reaching Casteljaloux follow the directions Calais to Parleboscq from para 6Toulouse Airport to Parleboscq Leave the airport and head towards the city centre. Pick up the motorway signs for BORDEAUX and PARIS and follow them . You will end up on the A62 motorway travelling towards BORDEAUX. Go along the motorway till junction 7 marked AGEN. Leave the motorway and at the roundabout after the toll booths turn left towards CONDOM ( that’s a name for you!). Go to Condom. At Condom you will come to a roundabout, turn right at the roundabout and then bear left over the bridge , at the far side of the bridge you have to turn right. After 1 to 200 yards you will come to another roundabout take the last exit from this roundabout towards EAUZE. After 300 yards there is a Y junction . Take the right hand fork to MONTREAL. At Montreal follow the signs for BARBOTAN LES THERMES , you will pass a swimming lake on your right. Keep going and pass through Castelnau d'AuzanAfter 3 or 4 kilometres you will see 70 KPH SPEED SIGNS. After you have entered the speed limit turn left just past a house on the left. Go down the road, keeping the church on your right and keep going down hill and up the other side of the valleyKeep on going until you reach the first turning to the right which is not a drive or a farm track. Turn right and you find our house which is the second on the right . IF YOU HAVE ANY DOUBTS OR QUESTIONS PLEASE RING US ON 0033 558 44 35 04 (from the UK) or 05 58 44 35 04 (if in France). PLEASE LET US KNOW HOW YOU ARE TRAVELLING AS IT WILL HELP US HELP YOU. IF YOU HAVE ANY OTHER ARRIVAL POINT IN FRANCE PLEASE RING AND I WILL GIVE YOU DIRECTIONSGentiane GARDERE-DEGRAVE



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