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Frantz Vigoureux
La Pointe


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price from €55


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Guest houses are quite equipped of bathroom and of privative TOILETS they give onto a giving terrace seen on the lake and campaigns(countrysides) no houses in neighborhood.

Description for Gite

Chamber and host's table to Chahaignes in the heart of the nature. Chahaignes is situated in the valley of the Dormouse exactly between Tours and Le Mans. Hillsides lining the Dormouse offer a wide choice of very estimated(appreciated) wines. Or of numerous growers of wines stemming from vines such the chenin, the pineau, the gamay and to discover 400 cellars of Chahaignes.

You can also take advantage of our pond of peach(fishing) of a hectare which is situated in the middle of a 3,5 hectare property and to fish for carps, for pikes, for sturgeons and for many others there. Or cross(go through) trails of hikes(rides), the forest of Deluded and with hillsides lining the Dormouse.

One moment of relaxation, in a breeding of birds of prey, to observe birds there used in the hunting in falconry and more particularly of goshawing (Harris hawks, goshawks)..Initiation in the falconry on inquiry.

This privileged situation is ideal for the lovers of nature, the peace, the campaign(countryside), the forest, the hunting and the peach(fishing) in an atmosphere


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Situated to 1,2 kilometres of Chahaignes



Animals Allowed

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