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This set
of 14 hectares is located
in Saint-Estèphe
at a place called Laujac,
south of the Pez sector.
Château Tour Saint-Fort has been owned by Long Faith International Investment Limited since the beginning of 2016.
This company based in Hong Kong, has the ambition to make significant investments while pursuing the qualitative objectives defined by the previous owner of this precious land of SAINT-ESTEPHE.


Destroyed almost entirely during the second war, this property was reconstituted from the arrival of Jean-Louis Laffort in 1992. It brings together the former growth of the Château Pineau Saint-Estèphe Tower and part of Château Saint-Estèphe.

The latter belonged to the eighteenth century to the lord of Pez and the family Calon. He became a Bourgeois in 1852. Forgotten afterwards, it is reborn for the first time at the beginning of the century under the impetus of Mr. Pineau and obtained the first prize at the Liege exhibition in 1905. From 1992 the renaissance is total.

Important investments: vat with stainless steel tanks and fermentation temperature regulation system, barrel cellar, tasting room and reception. A quality policy without compromise. The results are fast since the first harvest is selected by the Gault et Millau guide in its 1994 edition.


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