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Anthony Haddad
Chateau de la Barben
La Barben


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Description for B&B:

1) The “Granet suite”

It is composed of a blue roomy bedroom decorated with white gypsum sculptures dating back to the 18th century.
The furniture is genuine 18th Century.
In the bedroom, you will appreciate a double bed (1,8 m. wide / 6 ft wide) topped by a canopy in authentic 18th Century Liberty print.
The room next door is a small sitting-room, in which you will enjoy the same white blue atmosphere and will rest on a genuine 18th Century bed (1,2 m. wide / 3.5 ft-wide).
The bathroom, that is in harmony with the other rooms composing the suite, is made of marble and equipped with a bath and shower. Separated toilets. Facing both south and west, the room is very sunny and its different aspects will enable you to have a magnificent view of the Salon de Provence countryside. It is also possible to rent the big sitting room next door in which you will enjoy the same atmosphere.

2) The “Loves suite”

It is situated in the Palamede tower, the big circular tower in the western part of the château. It is composed of a big large bedroom with a living area in which you will admire a majestic stone fireplace.
The canopied fourposter bed is 1.8 meter wide (5,5 ft wide) and dates back to the Renaissance. The furniture is genuine 18th century. Stone coloured linen soft furnishings. The bathroom is huge with a central bathtub designed for two people. From the Italian shower, you will enjoy a view of the river and hundred year old plane trees. Separated toilets.
From the private south-facing terrace of this suite, you will have a magnificent view of the landscape.

3) Augustus’s bedroom

This room is decorated in light brown, yellow colours. The furniture is genuine Empire. You will enjoy a double bed (1,8 m wide / 5,5 ft wide) or two twin beds (0,9 m wide / 2,75 ft wide), topped by a silk canopy.
The roomy bathroom is designed in the Empire style. Separated toilets. From this suite facing north east, you will have a wonderful view of the river and the roofs of the castle.

4) Elisa’s bedroom
The walls are covered with Liberty print and the furniture is authentic Louis XVth. Big double bed (1,8 meter wide / 5,5 ft wide) topped with a silk canopy. You may also have twin beds. The big bathroom with two windows is equipped with a retro style bathtub, and a shower. Separated toilets.
In this room facing east, you will have a view of the rising sun and hills of scrubland.

“Table d’hôte” (Dinners served for residents).

Description for Gite

Following Granet It consists of a large blue room decorated with sumptuous white plasterwork of the eighteenth century. The furniture is antique eighteenth century. This room has a double bed of 1m80 surmounted by a canopy with toile de Jouy period. In a row, there is a small salon in the same atmosphere white-blue, with a bed time of 1m20. The bathroom, in harmony with other parts of the suite has a marble bath with shower, toilet are separated. Facing south and west, it is very sunny and different orientations offer a magnificent view over the countryside salonaise. It is also possible to rent the large room adjoining, which has the same atmosphere. Following mating It is located in the tower Palamedes, large round tower to the west of the castle. It consists of a large bedroom with a sitting area in front of a majestic stone fireplace. His four-poster bed of 1m80 is Renaissance, its period furniture seventeenth century, all in a warm stone-colored linen damask. The bathroom is huge with two freestanding bathtub and large walk-in shower with river views and plane trees, and the toilets are separated. This suite equipped with a private terrace, facing south, offers a magnificent view. August House You are immersed in an atmosphere yellow and taupe in this room that has an Empire period furniture and a large double bed of 1m80 or two twin beds of 90 cm, topped by a canopy in silk. Large bathroom in the same style empire and wc Oriented North East, you have a beautiful view of the river and on the roof of the castle. Elisa room is lined with a toile de Jouy gray and fitted with period furniture Louis XV It has a double bed of 1m80, surmounted by a canopy of silk and converted into two twin beds 90 cm. The large bathroom, with two windows, which has coordinated striped upholstery, features a retro bathtub, shower and separate toilet. Facing due east, you will enjoy the sunrise over the hills of the garrigue.


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Salon : 6km
Aix : 20km
Arles : 31km
Avignon : 37km
Marseille : 47km
Nîmes : 80km
Toulon : 100km
Montpellier : 126km



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