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Nathalie Langlois
Via Lago 33


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Positioned 200 m away from the lake Orta in the fraction of Oira (Common Nonio), the Host / Guesthouse House is structured on two floors, in a large country house which has renewed partially preserved its architectural structure period.

The first stage is characterized by an ideal outer court, to discuss and consume meals in peace. The inner part, by arches and paintings that help make the atmosphere very romantic and relaxing.

A beautiful balcony features against the first floor, where you immediately notice the vast spaces and newer wooden structures, but particularly suggestive, even a view of the remarkable height ceiling which is.

The large windows, which also have the function of linking the internal and external surfaces directly promote optimal brightness and easy heating parts therefore marked by a bright yellow color that relaxes and constantly contemplate leaving.

On the ground floor we find a high quality material that keeps heat and generates no noise when moving.

The ground floor structure on 160m2, while the top of 180m2. Both have 4 very large rooms, 3 bedrooms, 1 living room, 2 bathrooms. The restructuring of the house was completed in early 2013. It can be considered as new, never used before.

Facilities also: wi-fi, TV, fitness equipment. The use of the kitchen is possible.


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